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Greg Gabelmann

I have over a decade of experience delivering multi-tier applications. My expertise is with Java and other server-side technology, but over the years I’ve worked with numerous languages and frameworks. Currently seeking remote full-time and/or contract work – I can be reached at</a> or through my profiles at LinkedIn or Github (see below).

I like to:


Most of my side-projects are open source and available from my Github Profile. Some of the more interesting ones are:

Technical Writing

I enjoy writing about interesting things I’ve recently read or learned. (They’re also handy references for me to go back to.) Since I’m not on social media these days I’ve collected some of them here:


“Working with Greg on the same team, I found his technical command impressive and the quality of his work always top-notch. He was a good team player who nevertheless could be counted on to come forward with great ideas if need be.”

“Greg is a consistent and reliable performer who has no trouble designing and building components that fit into the product architecture. He readily accepted assignments to explore new technologies, techniques, and tools. He fit well with the team in our traditional and SCRUM development processes.”